The Story of Tea

The story of tea is an old and interesting one, reaching back thousands of years to its beginning in China in 2737 BC.

Legend has it that Emperor Shen Nung was out walking one day when he stopped to rest under a tree. As he was boiling water to make himself a refreshing drink, a breeze shook the branches of the tree, and a few leaves fell into his water. The leaves gave the Emperor's drink a pleasant flavour and a beautiful colour, and he was so impressed that he refilled his cup with his new drink. The tree under which he sat was the wild tea tree.

In this way, the story of tea began.
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Čajdžinica Džirlo - Tea House

This tea house is a Sarajevo gem. The interior space is enchanting, decorated with tea pots and cups, books, antique bowls and photos, creating the exact time of atmosphere most people in search of a tea shop are seeking.

The shop is relatively small, but does still offer downstairs, upstairs, and outdoor seating. The menu includes a variety of teas and infusions that you can see and smell before making a selection. Additionally, there are coffees and soft drinks. Great presentation of drinks... coffees [Bosnian Kafa] are served so that you pour it yourself with sugar cubes and Turkish Delight on the side; teas come in adorable pots and are served with honey, sugar, and tea cookies.

Best part, however, is the staff. They are friendly, outgoing, and quick to draw you into their community. They speak a range of languages, and if you take an interest in the shop they are happy to entertain with conversation and stories of their own. Great way to get to know the local spirit of the city.


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