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The owner (couple) speak several languages (Geman, English, French, Italian and more) and give guests immediately the feeling of being "home". More than 40 different types of tea give the name to the location Tea-house, however, Bosnian "Kafa" as well as espresso and soft drinks are served. The place is designed and decorated with love and warmth - just go there! Don't miss it while being in Sarajevo!!
Unique place. Premium service. Pleasant atmosphere with a large selection of teas. I recommend you to visit and enjoy the taste of tea and wonderful atmosphere.
I googled it and when we arrived in front of Dzirlo, we were a bit disappointed because we expected something else (cannot describe it). But we decided to sit down outside anyhow and did not regret. First of all, service is incredible. Owner came to say hi and let us know what they offer. He described everything in details and gave recommendations. We tried 'serbet with kahva' and 'salep'. Salep is the best thing to drink in Sarajevo! It tastes like vanilla pudding but isn't. Owner gave us a book of Bosnia to have a look. Also, gave us advice where to go out in the evening. Don't miss out this charming place and conversation with Huesin (owner)!
The owner of the place, Huseyin, is very nice and welcoming. He has his own style of serving the coffee. It is a "must" if you're in Sarajevo and are looking for a nice stop.
Small cafe in the very heart of Sarajevo, near Bascarsija serving both bosnian coffee and espresso with the friendliest owner ever ;)
50 different teas, many other drinks. Great Bosnian coffee. It's a Lovely small place in mahala in Sarajevo. Definately worth a visit. Only place for a few people, but that only adds to the pleasant atmosphere and coziness. I will definately visit again and can surely recommend it for others. whether they are tourists or locals.
I love that man and his teas and salep drink! This place is so warm, you feel like home. I will go there again with my boyfriend!
This is definitely the place with the most soul in Sarajevo. Owners are very friendly and they make you feel so welcome. They offer a wide variety of tea, coffee and some unique drinks like salep, which, for me, was one of the best warms drinks I've ever tried. Will surely visit again and I'd advise it to everyone who is visiting Sarajevo.
Great place to visit in Sarajevo. Great people. We tasted some high quality tea and salep. The owner is such a nice guy! Can't wait to visit again! Thanks for good time!
Very likeable tea and coffee place with a unique character. It competes only with Ljubljana's čajna hiša when it comes to the best tea place in the Balkans. Large variety of high quality black, green and other teas and other hot beverages. Extremely friendly and just slightly eccentric owner who knows everything about Bosnia, the Balkans and beyond. This is the place not to miss in Sarajevo.
Čajdžinica Džirlo, Sarajevo, Bosnia is not only tea-coffee house but a shelter of friendship with owner operator warm big smile.
We entered one evening about an hour before closing time. The owner is a real character! Very welcoming and nice person. He gave us to smell the teas and also gave us albums of History of Sarajevo and pictures from around Bosnia and Hertzegovina. He realy knows how to market his country! The teas were absolutely great and the atmosphere very romantic! An unique place in the Balkans and a must-see when you are in Sarajevo!
This lovely place is more than usual Tea House! Owners of "Cajdzinica Dzirlo" are amazing, friendly oriented people with true Bosnian story about Coffe, Teas and other Bosnian drinks such as Salep, Šerbe and so one is based on traditional recipies from history! So, I would like to invite all tourists to visit that inspirational place with soul! Congratulations for an idea and realization of the same! Good luck in future, and I think that I will come again! Puno pozdrava od Hrvoja i Verene iz Hrvatske!
this is a great place to chill out and to enjoy an original bosnian atmosphere in the old town of inspiring sarajevo. truly a place to be. they offer great tea (made in bosnia and herzegovina) and original bosnian coffee...don't miss it. you will love this cute tea house and the owners, who are full of positive energy, even more :)